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Alive Survival School
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Alive Survival School
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Survival adventure skills training South Africa - Alive Survival School

Good survival training is essential to the outdoor enthusiast and anyone exposed to the elements whether by choice or accident.

Our survival course trains you in building shelters, finding water, fire making and orientation with or without compass, bush foods and medicines, rope and knot work, first aid, plant, tree and animal identification and much more.

These basic skills have been forgotten with our modern lifestyle. With our course rediscover nature and learn from it again the way mankind did from the dawn of time.

There are many advantages to possessing wilderness survival skills:

  • you are less likely to become lost in wilderness areas,
  • if lost, you are much more likely to survive,
  • knowing the skills and spending time in the bush practicing them gives an enhanced appreciation of nature,
  • increase self-confidence from knowing you can take care of yourself and others,
  • enjoy the adventure that is nature.

Courses assemble at an arranged meeting spot near the Baviaanskloof. Transfers can also be arranged.

The Baviaanskloof Komdomo gate is a scenic 120km drive from Port Elizabeth through Hankey and Patensie and is suitable for sedan vehicles. Baviaanskloof (Valley of the Baboons) is one of eight protected areas of the Cape Floristic Region and boasts World Heritage Site status. Seven of South Africa’s eight biomes (major natural regions) are represented here - fynbos, forest, grassland, succulent Karoo, nama-karoo, sub-tropical thicket and savanna. Amongst an abundant wildlife the reserve boasts with three of the big five namely black rhino, Cape buffalo and the Cape leopard.

We also run day courses from The Island Reserve which is near the Seaview Lion Park. The Reserve comprises 480 ha of indigenous Alexandria coastal forest and boasts tree species such as Outeniqua yellow-wood, white and hard pear as well as white milkwood. Fauna include small blue duiker, bushbuck, vervet monkey and bush pigs. More than fifty species of birds have been recorded, amongst them the Knysna lourie. It's a safe reserve with beautiful bush and bird life. It's a beautiful and safe place for the kids to have good, clean fun away from the gadgets of modern life.

Our courses (Suitable for adults and children over 10 years)

Course Duration Per Person
Basic 10 am - 4 pm R 800
Introduction 24 hours R 1 000
Intermediate 2 nights/3 days R 2 000
Advanced 1 3 nights/4 days R 3 000
*Bookings taken and courses planned and run for groups of 4 or more people, not individuals

Children survival themed birthday parties R 2 000 (10 Children)

Join us for an adventurous learning experience in the wilderness. Learn the skills to survive in any unforeseen situation.